Why You Need a Credit Repair Company

  • Bad Credit can affect your life like, getting a job, getting a loan or a credit card.
  • Fixing your credit can often be time consuming and complicated.
  • Speed up your credit repair process, A professional saves you time and money.
  • Credit Repair Companies only charge you after the work has been done.

#3 CreditRepair.com


  • Price: $89.95Mo & $12.99 Per Report
  • Has Been Helping Consumers Since 1997
  • Is Depart of Justice Registered
  • Has a Simple 3-Step Program
  • Call for Free Consultation (888) 586-9123

CreditRepair.com Reviews

When consumers need a place to go for their credit problems, CreditRepair.com is the place to go. It offers members access to various features that are beneficial for fixing, maintaining and building your credit. Those who sign up are able to receive alerts regarding your credit report, so that you can keep a close eye on things. If there’s anything suspicious activity, you will be notified of it.

At CreditRepair.com, there is a team of people who are dedicated to assisting members with their credit accounts. The company has been in operation for many years and has evolved with the times. Today, identities can be stolen using whatever can be gathered from your social media account. It’s also easy for identity thieves to hack into consumers’ bank accounts and steal passwords to other financial accounts. To help you against cyber crime, CreditRepair.com is there to help protect your credit.

CreditRepair.Com’s History

The purpose of CreditRepair.com’s creation was for the sole purpose of assisting people with getting access to a free copy of their credit scores. This way they are able to know what their credit score is and how it is being affected by financial transactions. When someone steals your identity, it can be months before you’re able to get your credit back in order. This is why many people go to CreditRepair.com.

Other than simply offering credit scores to consumers, CreditRepair.com allows members to monitor their credit, receive alerts about their credit score, access to credit reports. ChildSecure and CardSafe services are also available.

What Makes CreditRepair.com Different?

CreditRepair.com allows members to monitor their own credit easily. The ChildSecure service that is offered can be used to keep a watch on your children’s name and social security number to monitor potential unauthorized use.

You may be surprised to learn how many cases there are of identity theft involving minors. One study showed an estimated 10.2% out of 40,000 children has had their identity stolen. This service alone sets CreditRepair.com apart from others.

Available Features at CreditRepair.com

  • CardSafe: Available for $39.95/yr (in addition to CreditRepair.com’s membership fee). This feature can be added to gain almost immediate security for your financial accounts and credit cards. In the event that your wallet is lost or stolen, you can contact CreditRepair.com to place a flag on your account.
  • ChildSecure: To protect your children from identity theft, you can add this special feature to your membership. Your child’s name and social security number is regularly checked for suspicious activity.
  • Credit Score Alerts: This comes with the membership at CreditRepair.com. This enables members to see how their credit ratings are affected by life events, such as buying a home or vehicle.
  • Credit Scores: This is included in the membership fee. You are able to receive two free credit reports monthly, which are sent to your email inbox. You will be able to view your public records, credit inquiries and accounts.

How Much is CreditRepair.com?

For only $19.95/month, you can get access to two free monthly credit reports, daily monitoring of your credit and alerts sent to your cell phone or email account. Fraud Resolution support is also included.

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#3 CreditRepair.com, 8.9 out of 10 based on 1107 ratings

62 Responses to “#3 CreditRepair.com”

  1. Jeff Tenenbaum says:

    I was out of work for a very long time, which is why my credit card bills accumulated the way they did. When I reached out to CreditReport.com I owed a lot of money and had for a couple of years, which is why my credit report was a wreck. These people are great!

  2. Donald Brown says:

    I called and they answered. CreditRepair com has to be one of the best companies out there for dealing with credit report repair. They know their stuff and make sure there’s no mistakes on your credit report. I am really glad I went with them because I’d been looking at a couple of different companies and wasn’t sure who to go with. When I called CreditRepair com they were very professional and answered all of my questions calmly right away. I’d deal with another company when I was researching credit repair companies and they were not that helpful when I called. By the time I called CreditRepaircom I was fed up with the attitude

  3. Steve Valsechi says:

    Dealing with credit issues on my own made me feel worthless. My wife persuaded me to work with CreditRepair.com and it is one of the best things we ever did. Take control of your finances and credit with CreditRepair.com and it will be worth every penny.

  4. Kirsten Mccarthy says:

    I was really at a loss where to start with my credit report repair. It was an annoying task that no one wants to deal with, but you gotta do what you gotta do. I was pleased with creditrepair.com throughout the entire process and chose not to post this review until after their work was complete. I am really glad I went with them because they took the time to explain things to me the entire time. It was really nice of them and I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to fix their credit report. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. These people are professionals and know how to handle the credit agencies and credit bureaus. Do yourself a favor and contact creditrepair.com.

    • Jovan Caputo says:

      I took my time researching companies that deal with credit repair. There are a lot of them out there which means more people than we think are dealing with credit issues. I was happy I went with credit repair.com because they explained how the entire process would work right away. I had a lengthy list of questions and they got to them before I even got to ask them! Honestly these people are complete professionals and make every step easy on you. I was surprised at how quickly my credit started to look better after just a few months of working with credit repair.com. They really do everything to make sure you’re comfortable and updated with any changes on your credit report. If you’re seriously thinking about repairing your credit, you have to choose credit repair.com. I have heard a lot of horror stories on credit repair companies and no one should waste their money on companies that have empty promises. I loved that credit repair.com didn’t say major changes would happen right away. They were honest. Even though it will be a few more months before I see all of the changes I want on my credit report, things are moving at a nice pace and I would recommend credit repair.com to anyone who needs this type of service.

  5. Chris Sloupe says:

    The entire process of working with creditrepair.com was easy going from beginning to end. I signed up over the phone and registration was simple. The people were nice and knowledgeable and let me know from the beginning that my situation may take some time to repair. I really appreciate that they didn’t make it seem as though my credit would become perfect overnight. It was a good experience and I have to say I would absolutely recommend creditrepair.com to anyone who needs credit repair. You are updated along the way when changes happen to your credit report. When I got the first update I was surprised to see how much had changed despite the short time I’d been working with creditrepair.com. They know who they have to go to make changes to your credit report. They are also well acquainted with the different laws for credit reports, which have changed immensely in the past three years. I really wish I had done this earlier, but it’s a good thing I am doing it now. My younger sister has had credit problems in the past, so I am going to sign her up next. She is young, but it’s never too early to get your credit report perfected just to make sure things work well for her in the future.

  6. Lauren Godek says:

    Now I sleep easy because my credit report is on its way to recovery! I can’t believe it took me so long to call creditrepair.com for help. From the beginning they have been nothing but nice and helpful and the customer service is through the roof. I am really pleased with the service and it is awesome that my credit report has improved drastically. I have a few more months of work with creditrepair.com before my credit is where I want it to be, but so far so good and I would highly recommend them for anyone who wants to make their credit report look better. Mistakes do happen, so have the experts look at your report before you make a big move like buying a house or car. It will be worth it, I promise!

  7. John Layner says:

    Everyone at creditrepair .com was really nice to me. Even in the beginning when I had very little idea what the heck I was doing, they were nice enough to make me feel like I was doing the right thing which gave me confidence. I don’t know about you, but I am very self-conscious about my money issues and the fact that I couldn’t pay things off kept me up at night. With creditrepair .com I felt I was taking a solid step towards financial freedom. There were a few mistakes on my credit report that they fixed within a couple of months. From there it took a few more months before I saw my credit score improve, but that’s OK! I rather it take awhile and them do things right, which is exactly what happened.

  8. Ashley Dehlow says:

    Getting your credit report in check takes time and money, but creditrepair.com makes the ordeal simple. I was overwhelmed with everything I owed at first, but creditrepair.com took the time to explain my rights and in the end, I am on my way to a far better credit report.

  9. Lisa Marino says:

    If you have been ignoring your faulty credit report because of laziness, creditrepair.com is one of the best companies to go with for credit repair. You hand over the vital info and they do the work. It’s that easy!

  10. Nick Mccasslin says:

    I was looking for a credit repair company that wasn’t after more money! Yes, you do have to pay for the service, but some of the fees out there are too high! With creditrepair.com I paid an affordable fee and my credit is getting back on track.

    • Julia Cook says:

      Nothing has come close to CreditRepair.com yet in terms of quality and affordability. I have tried a lot of different credit repair companies in the past, all of which have failed me, all except CreditRepaircom. I can really vouch for CreditRepair.com because they have really improved my credit score. The same cannot be said for all of the other credit repair companies. The other ones just seemed too good to be true — because they are. They either promise improvement but do not live up to their word, or you should be prepared to open your wallet for the awful prices that they will try to charge. On the other hand, there is CreditRepair.com. They are not only incredibly cheap compared to other credit repair companies, but it is also very effective in repairing your credit. Speaking from my own point of view, CreditRepaircom is the ultimate solution for credit repair. You will get a lot of helpful advice from professionals who actually know what they’re talking about. Plus you don’t have to end up emptying your bank account for them. If I were to rate CreditRepair com with a 1 to 10, I would give them a 10! Trust me, CreditRepair.com will really help out your credit to the point where it is just shocking.

  11. Jay Lane says:

    I am glad I went with creditrepair.com for this credit report cleanup. I wasn’t sure what to do at first, but after researching a few companies I made the decision to let creditrepair.com handle the job and I couldn’t be happier. They are really professional!

  12. Michael Cronin says:

    Creditrepair.com was one of the first companies I came across when researching people who clean up credit reports. They can’t work miracles, but they know the rules and laws, so everything happens in a fairly quick time manner. I was surprised at how quickly everything moved along and from the beginning they made a point to keep me informed on every development. Creditrepair.com gives you respect and I also like how they made sure I understood everything that was happening with my credit report. I pretty much let them handle everything and before I knew it, my credit was looking a lot better. Thanks to Creditrepair.com I can get approved for a home when the time comes. I am thankful to everyone I worked with at Creditrepair.com for making this process virtually painless.

  13. Kevin Fogarty says:

    I was putting off fixing my credit because I knew it would be a hassle. Once I got the facts from creditrepair.com I decided to go ahead with the process and thank god I did. I didn’t realize how easy it would be since they pretty much do all of the work. I gave them everything I had and within a week the collections calls stopped. I am so thankful to creditrepair.com for their help. My credit isn’t perfect yet, but it has improved plenty in the past few months that I’ve been working with creditrepair.com. I would recommend them to anyone who needs credit report repair. It does take time, but anyone who has been in the position of not being approved for things will tell you it’s worth the hassle. I am mad at myself for not doing it sooner, but I’m happy this is all almost over with.

  14. Jossie Ross says:

    A credit score that is bad may seem impossible to change or improve. Or at least, that’s the way I saw it. But I was determined to improve my credit score. Last year, I had heard about creditrepair.com and how it helped to get a buddy of mine a good credit score. If this was the way to do it, then I knew I had to risk it. Plus, I remember seeing a lot of good reviews about creditrepair.com. In the end, I’m completely satisfied with their services. I’ve got good credit now, and I can safely say I did not do it alone, but with the help of creditrepair.com.

  15. Terry Alder says:

    The professionals at CreditRepair com are really easy to get along with. They will help you out with everything you need in order to improve your credit. Speaking from my own point of view, the folks at CreditRepair com have helped me out a lot to get a good credit score.

  16. Rebecca Anderson says:

    The idea of a credit report or credit score use to scare me. When I was younger, I had messed up my credit big time, so when it finally came to the point where I wanted to go from renting an apartment to buying a house, I knew that this would be impossible with my credit. Frantically looking for ways to improve my credit, I heard about Sky Blue Credit online. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but luckily Sky Blue Credit’s services were actually pretty decent in terms of costs. Praying that this would work, I took a chance with Sky Blue Credit and am certainly glad that I did. Sky Blue Credit is the reason why I have a good credit score today and why I’m on my way to getting a home of my own.

  17. Arron Stones says:

    When my friends and family asked me how I was able to buy my first house with my bad credit, I told them proudly that I don’t actually have bad credit not after I called up Sky Blue Credit for help. Sky Blue Credit was one of my best decisions in life because they really help to get me some good credit and my first house!

  18. Trevor Enderdine says:

    I used to have awful credit, but thankfully I made the right choice by letting CreditRepair.com help me out. CreditRepair.com is the whole reason why my credit score is now a lot better than it use to be! Now, Im proud to look at my credit score these days.

  19. Thomas J. Clark says:

    CreditRepair.com is a great place to go for people who are wanting to get really good credit scores. A bad credit score seems to ruin everything — I know, because I use to have a horrible credit report. But when I remembered learning how a friend improved her credit score CreditRepair.com, I decided they were my only hope. To this day Im glad I chose CreditRepair.com to help me out. They got me off my back and onto my feet again by getting me a great credit score. Now Im saving up to buy my first house. Thanks a lot, CreditRepair.com! I really appreciate it!

  20. Garry Jones says:

    A lot of credit repair companies always appeared to be nothing but scams to me. That’s why I was so cautious about looking into them. But then one day a friend of mine told me to call up Creditrepair.com. He had used Creditrepair.com in the past and told me that they really did work to improve his credit report. Taking his word on it, I took a chance and got in contact with Creditrepair.com. I’m sure glad I did, too! My credit report has never been better than it is today! I knew there aren’t many credit repair companies out there that actually work, and for a decent cost, but Creditrepair.com blew me away.

  21. Tyler Smith says:

    When I was younger in college, I didn’t care about my credit score. But later on down the road I realized how important it is and how it can really mess things up if you have a bad score. That’s why I looked to CreditRepaircom, and I’m really glad I did! They actually work!

  22. Jack Phillips says:

    I don’t normally leave reviews, but with creditrepair.com I feel obligated to let people know just how much you can improve your credit score with them. At first, I didn’t know where to turn when it came to my bad credit, so I didn’t do anything about it. Then one day I finally realized just how poor my credit score really was by checking out one of those free credit report websites. Honestly, I was shocked. Knowing that I had to do something about it, I ended up looking around for professional help. Then a friend recommended me to a credit repair company called creditrepair.com. She told me that she had had horrible credit once, too, but that creditrepair.com seemed to solve all of her credit report problems. Naturally I was curious, so I got in contact with creditrepair.com and let them take over. Before I knew it, my credit score was steadily improving. With the help of creditrepair.com, I now have great credit. I am truly satisfied with their services and help and highly recommend anyone to use creditrepair.com to get their credit back up. They are really helpful and really nice. Plus they saved me a lot as far as credit repair companies go, since most of them tend to cost a pretty penny. But creditrepair.com was not only effective but affordable.

  23. Betrice Livingston says:

    Having bad credit is not a permanent situation. Many people are not aware of this. I was one of those people who assumed that I would have to live with having bad credit for the rest of my life. Then one day, a friend recommended that I try a credit repair company. I didn’t even know that they existed. I called Creditrepair.com and spoke with a representative and they helped me to get started on my path to financial freedom. I feel as though I was given a second chance to living a life debt-free. I appreciate what they have done for me.

  24. Stacey Cohen says:

    Don’t choose just any company for your credit repair. Choose a company that will actually help you. Credit Repair.com the best credit repair devices around. They helped me to contact and make arrangements with my creditors. I had credit card debt up to my ears. I was receiving threatening letters from my creditors. One creditor even threatened to take me to court. If it wasn’t for Credit Repair.com, I would have still been dealing with my creditors. I recommend anyone who needs credit repair to give them a try. They are truly the best in the credit repair business. I’m happy that I choose them to help me.

  25. Ashley Green says:

    A few years ago I was looking for the perfect apartment, so I applied at many different complexes. Of course the landlord had to run my credit to see if I was qualified for a lease. Unknown to me, every time the landlord would run my credit score, a negative strike would show up on my credit report. These added up and started to affect my credit score. I, like most people, did not notice until it affected me. When I tried to get a credit card from a local department store I was denied. I wondered why and got a hold of my credit report and saw that the credit checks had hurt my record. I was furious and did not know what to do. I had heard about credit repair and though that it was a shady business to be honest. However after some research I discovered that many people legitimately fixed their credit report with the help of financial experts. I decided to call CreditRepair.com because they had really great reviews, and I am so happy I did. I explained my situation to them and they were able to help me adjust the negative strikes on my credit report from my landlords as well as inaccuracies from tons of other sources. Now my credit is improving and I am able to get credit cards once again.

  26. Peter Erickson says:

    CreditRepair.com does not communicate with customers. After numerous attempts of emails and phone calls to speak to someone about a few accounts on my credit report and telling the Customer Service people that I do not want anything done on my reports, they still initiated disputes. After I cancelled my account because of their total disregard, they still continued to initiate disputes. This is costing me more headache and stress than just dealing with the credit agencies myself. On top of the stress it is costing me $360 per credit reporting agency to have these disputes stopped as well as having my credit score drop 18 points. It doesn’t seem like there is too much repairing going on. What do they say? There is nothing we can do about it once the dispute is processed. If they would have listened to be and done as requested, this issue would have never began. I dont know where their breakdown in communication is, but they need to get it fixed. I do not recommend them.

  27. Karla Hodges says:

    When I was turned down for a car loan, I knew that my credit rating needed help. I called creditrepair.com to get help improving my credit score, and we found a solution that would allow me to do so.

  28. Gregg Phelps says:

    I called creditrepair.com and they really helped me with my credit score. I did not know much about credit repair or credit repair companies, but they explained everything they did and how it would help me. The entire process was not even that expensive and I discovered that it was affordable even on my budget. I was also embarrassed about the state of my credit, but they work with all kinds of people in situations like mine, which really helped me relax. A few months later I am seeing a much better credit score and credit report. Thanks creditrepair.com!

  29. Warren Strickland says:

    I decided to get a copy of my credit report one day and was totally blown away with what I had found there. There were credit checks, old accounts, and other inaccurate information on there that I did not even know existed. All of these things were affecting my credit score. And to tell the truth I was really frustrated. I did not think there was anything I could do about it. But then I called creditrepair.com and was able to speak to a really helpful associate. They gathered all of my information and were able to help me fix my credit score in no time.

  30. Brandi Rios says:

    Do not be afraid to take back control of your credit score! I called Creditrepair.com and I feel as though my huge financial strain is slowly being lifted off my shoulders. It is a great feeling!

  31. Teri Ferguson says:

    I am incredibly thankful to the staff and financial experts at Creditrepair.com. They are the most courteous, knowledgeable, and compassionate group of individuals. They put my needs first and made results happen. Even though I was a bit ashamed of my credit score, they walked me through the process of cleaning it up. They informed me of what steps they were going to take and what I needed to do to help them. It was a completely empowering experience, and I am floored by the results I am seeing. I just want to recommend Creditrepair.com to anyone who is looking for a credit repair company.

  32. Colleen Hicks says:

    If you have been the victim of identity theft like I was, you know what a devastating feeling that is. Even after the accounts were closed, you are still left with a mess of a credit report. No one will give you a loan, and forget about applying for another credit card! I was left feeling hopeless and did not know where to turn. A friend told me that I could get my credit repaired and this sounded like something fishy to me. But I did research and credit repair is a legitimate thing. It is definitely geared toward someone like me that has been the victim of identity theft. The day I called CreditRepair.com was a great one. I talked to one of their very friendly representatives and they told me that they could help effectively clean up my credit report. I was so happy. Finally I could do something about this mess. After a few months I began to see a vast improvement on my credit report which really encouraged me to be more responsible. I now know ways to protect myself from identity theft in the future. I don’t know what I would have done without the help of CreditRepair.com.

  33. Abraham Bowers says:

    I Fixing my credit score is very important to me. CreditRepair.com helped me achieve that goal and now I am starting to build good credit back up. I recommend giving them call to help you out too.

  34. Mark Snyder says:

    I needed a lot of help with my credit. Creditors were calling me day and night, and I could not get approved for a loan. I called CreditRepair.com and they really saved the day!

  35. Elsie Chapman says:

    I know that I should have been more diligent when it came to protecting my identity, but unfortunately I fell victim to identity theft a few years ago. My credit was a mess, but I decided to do something about it. I contacted CreditRepair.com, a highly recommended credit repair company, and the rest is as they say history. They worked with me, my information, and my creditors to get rid of negative information and fraudulent strikes on my credit report. The entire process was easy, comfortable, and met my needs entirely. I am so happy that I made that first call to CreditRepair.com. You should try them too.

  36. Christian Edwards says:

    I totally recommend CreditRepair.com if you are looking for a credit repair company. They are knowledgeable and have worked with many people and creditors to improve people’s credit rating. Definitely recommend.

  37. Garry Ryan says:

    Credit repair does not have to be a painful process. In fact if you go with the right kind of company, it is easy and quick. I called CreditRepair.com and I am happy that I did. They were able to work with me and my credit situation and process results quickly. I was happy that they had a package of services that I could afford on my budget. I am a satisfied customer that recommends CreditRepair.com to everyone that I come into contact with. Give them a call and stop worrying about your credit score.

  38. Willie Scott says:

    I knew that my credit was not perfect, but when I checked my credit score I was shocked with how bad it really was. A little too bad. As I went through it I saw that many of the reports on it were not accurate or totally wrong. I felt helpless because I did not think there was anything I could do to fix this. But my brother in law told me that there are credit repair companies that could help fix my credit report. I was honestly quite skeptical. I even thought that this was perhaps not even legal. However after some research I found CreditRepair.com and learned much about credit repair. I guess it happens all the time: creditors will report false information to the credit bureau and it reflects negatively on someone’s credit report. So CreditRepair.com helped me get these blemishes off of my record and I finally started to see an increase in my credit score. This was an empowering moment as I was extremely saddened by the fact that I thought I could not do anything about it. I recommend CreditRepair.com to my friends and families because I truly believe that if they could help me, they could help anyone.

  39. Jeffrey Stein says:

    I used Creditrepair.com for almost two years to clean up over 30K of debt. It was very trying but my rep was very kind and always willing to explain the process. That says a lot.

  40. Johnny Faegan says:

    I knew I needed professionals helping me clean up my credit report. I want to buy a home in the next year or so, but I carry considerable debt. I just wasn’t sure how to handle it without feeling overwhelmed which my rep from Creditrepair.com says is a common problem for people in debt. I love Creditrepair.com because they explain everything thoroughly so you’re in the loop throughout the process. I don’t feel like I’m doing the work myself and my budget is set so my credit will be paid off ASAP. I highly recommend Creditrepair.com for anyone who needs help with their credit.

  41. Vincent Maggiano says:

    Financial help comes in many forms including Creditrepair.com. Creditrepair.com was one of several credit repair companies I consulted with before starting down this road. I know Creditrepair.com is the primary reason I am out of debt in less than a year.

  42. Peter L. Backstrom says:

    Credit repair.com came to my aid when I came up short on my rent. The website was clear and concise and answered all my questions. I was amazed at how fast I was approved. I am so grateful to Credit repair.com!

  43. Marlene T. says:

    There was just no chance a bank was going to give me a loan. My credit score is so bad, and I had to file for bankruptcy six years ago. When my husband needed money for a new medication that wasn’t covered by his insurance, I had to find a solution…and soon. My sister told me about payday loan companies, but I was a little nervous at first. So I called around to a few, and I soon discovered that Credit repair.com is the most reputable one around. They treated me with fairness and kindness. My husband and I thank them for helping us out when we really needed it!

  44. Ryan L. Conway says:

    I have a lot of debt, and I had to find a payday loan company that wasn’t going to hold that against me. Credit repair.com were so easy to do business with, I can’t believe it. They were not worried about my other debts and were confident in my ability to pay back my loan once my next paycheck came through. They helped me fill out the paperwork, get the necessary documents, and get the ball rolling on my loan. I needed a company that wasn’t going to count my past debts as reason to deny me a loan, and Credit repair.com was just that company. I recommend them to all my family and friends.

  45. Yolanda F. Petersen says:

    I never used a payday loan company before, so I was very nervous. I had no reason to be. creditrepair.com is professional and clear-cut, and the website answered all my questions. They can help you get the money you need with no hassle!

  46. Tina Powell says:

    Wow! creditrepair.com is the best! They got my payday loan approved in an instant, and I had my hands on the money in less than 24 hours. What a godsend! I am recommending them to all my friends and family!

  47. Karl Atchison says:

    I did a lot of comparison shopping before deciding to use creditrepair.com. They had the fastest turnaround time and the most accessible answers to my questions. Repayment has been easy and drama-free. Highly recommended!

  48. Ruth Baker says:

    Like most people, I had bad credit. It was ruining my life. I saw no way out. I tried other credit repair companies before. They didn’t work. creditrepair.com did. I was both surprised and grateful.

  49. Eli Bale says:

    You can’t get anywhere in life without good credit. It’s like a big red F on your good report card. creditrepair.com understands that. They helped me repair my credit. It completely turned my life around.

  50. William Mercado says:

    I started using CreditRepair.com’s credit repair services about 10 months ago and the results have been incredible so far. The staff knows how to tackle the rough credit problems and the website is super user-friendly. 5 stars!

  51. Jessie Bendowitz says:

    I was never much good at managing my financial affairs when I was young. I would go out every weekend, eat all my meals out, splurge on expensive items and so much more. My credit cards were like my security blankets. They kept me happy. Until, of course, I realized that I was almost $10k in debt and I couldn’t even make my minimum monthly payments. I had always known about credit repair services but I never really thought to call one. But because my situation was as bad as it was, I figured I had nothing to lose. CreditRepair.com was extremely knowledgeable, kind and informative. They start by getting to know you and your story. Once they have your information, they work with the credit bureaus to dispute certain debts and work to lower your interest rates and monthly payments. They can even consolidate everything you owe so you only have to make one, low monthly payment. CreditRepair.com made it so easy for me to get back on track with my finances. Now, I’m on my way to becoming debt free and getting my life back in order. If you’re in a situation like I was, call CreditRepair.com before it becomes too late.

  52. Lana Withers says:

    Every week, I look forward to seeing an email from CreditRepair.com because it seems like every week they’ve done something else to help improve my credit. I can confidently say that my credit problems are all behind me, thanks to CreditRepair.com.

  53. Amelia Thurgood says:

    I am very happy with the work creditrepair.com has done so far. Their credit repair services were what enabled me to get a great rate on the refinance of my home. In addition, I have completely eliminated my credit card debt.

  54. Phyllis Purdue says:

    I owe great thanks to creditrepair.com for coming in and scooping up those negative remarks on my credit reports. After the deletions, I saw my score go up dramatically. I really never though I’d be able to say that. It’s all thanks to creditrepair.com.

  55. Stephen Cox says:

    When my wife and I decided to divorce, she moved into an apartment, and I kept the house. I had to refinance it to get her name off the deed, and I thought that wouldn’t be a problem, but it turns out my credit suffered a great deal over the course of our marriage. I didn’t know what to do until a friend of mine recommended creditrepair.com credit repair. With their help, I was able to get my credit in good standing so I could safely refinance my home with my income. Divorce is stressful enough – I will not ever allow my financial situation to get like that again!

  56. Alexandra Craig says:

    After years of bad credit and relying on rent-to-own services to make major purchases, I decided it was time to change. I went to the wonderful people at creditrepair.com, and in six months, I have seen a dramatic increase in my credit score.

  57. Johnny Jimenez says:

    Shortly after turned 18, I already had bad credit because my dad opened some utility accounts in my name. Instead of turning him in for identity theft, I decided to work with creditrepair.com to fix the problems.

  58. Hope Santos says:

    Even though I tried to keep my credit in good standing, I had issues for years. When my friend told me about creditrepair.com, I decided to give it a try. A year later, my credit is better than ever.

  59. Natalie Dressler says:

    I thought I’d never be able to get a credit card again, let alone buy a brand new home. WRONG! I’ve been using CreditRepair.com’s credit repair service for only 3 months and the results have been absolutely amazing!

  60. Lorna Emons says:

    The CreditRepair.com credit repair service company has been an absolute life saver! I was lucky enough to work with an agent who had been with the company for a very long time. He was very friendly and even more so informative! He gave me a detailed rundown and explained how it would all work. We then went over my credit report and he identified all the updates he could make. Well, it’s been 7 months and my credit score has shot up by 126 points. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! For once in my life, I don’t have to worry about my credit negatively affecting my life choices. Thank you, CreditRepair.com!

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