Why You Need a Credit Repair Company

  • Bad Credit can affect your life like, getting a job, getting a loan or a credit card.
  • Fixing your credit can often be time consuming and complicated.
  • Speed up your credit repair process, A professional saves you time and money.
  • Credit Repair Companies only charge you after the work has been done.

#5 Ovation


  • Price: $39mo. and $87 Setup Fee
  • Been in Business Since 2004
  • Registered with the Attorney General
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Low Price, Unlimited Disputes

Ovation Credit Repair Reviews

Ovation Credit has been in business for eight years, helping thousands of clients repair their credit issues. They offer a no-risk policy, which provides customers with peace of mind as they begin the road to repairing their credit. The professional staff at Ovation Credit Services understands that credit issues vary from person to person, which is why they take a personal approach to helping clients. Their website provides extensive information on Ovation’s approach for different clients and how they can help your credit record.

About Ovation Credit Services

Ovation Credit Services was once known as Ovation Law. The company knows how to handle different types of cases depending on your individual needs. Not everyone with credit issues needs the same service. Ovation Credit Services offers their clients many choices, so you can choose what level of services are the right fit for you.

What Separates Ovation Credit Services?

With Ovation Credit Services you will find two options for your credit repair needs. Each program is tailored for the various credit issues out there – late payments, liens, charge-offs, repossessions, judgments and the list goes on and on! Ovation Credit Services knows that analyzing cases on an individual basis is the most successful way to get your credit back on track fast. This is an affordable way to tackle all of the negatives on your credit. Ovation Credit Services is a reputable company, which puts you in a place of power when dealing with credit bureaus and collection agencies.


  • No contract. With Ovation Credit Services, you aren’t tied down for a designated amount of time. You’re able to cancel services at any time. When your credit improves to your satisfaction, you no longer have to continue the service. It’s as simple as that.
  • Individual credit adviser. You aren’t a number to Ovation Credit Services. Work with the same rep each and every time you call. If you have a question, you’ll speak with an experienced professional who is familiar with your individual case.
  • Same day services. Ovation Credit Services offered expedited service that means the work on your credit starts the same day you sign up. There’s no waiting period, which is often the case with other big name credit repair services.
  • Free evaluation. If you aren’t sure if Ovation Credit Services is for you, you can call the company and see what they would do for you. This consultation is completely free and based only on the information you’re providing to the phone rep.

How Much?

  • The Essentials. With The Essentials package, you pay $87 for an initial fee followed by monthly fees of $37.
  • Essentials Plus. With this program dubbed Essentials plus, you pay $87 for an initial fee followed by monthly fees of $55.
  • Discounts. Couples receive 20% off when they sign up at the same time.

Final Recommendation

Ovation Credit Services has the experts to help you change your credit for the long haul. They are a modern company who’s up to date with the latest credit laws and will immediately start the process of repairing your credit. With their no-risk guarantee policy, you have nothing to lose. The competitive prices and no contract policy allow anyone to begin their journey towards good credit.

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#5 Ovation, 7.8 out of 10 based on 673 ratings

29 Responses to “#5 Ovation”

  1. Ashley Davitt says:

    I was denied a credit card at one of my favorite stores which is why I pulled my credit report. I wanted to know why exactly I wasn’t approved! It turned out there were several mistakes with my credit report because of a prior identity theft issue I thought was over and done with a number of years ago. Apparently a lot of that stuff had yet to be removed from my credit report, even though I was told it was removed way back when the incident happened. Don’t you hate things like that? Anyway, I went to Ovation for help because I knew they were a reputable business by their BBB rating. I am all about ratings and love to look companies up, especially when they will be handling something as important as that! We are almost a year into the credit repair and I have to tell you, coming to Ovation was a very smart move. I’d advise anyone looking for credit repair to choose Ovation. They are professional and worth the money. I am pleased with them very much! The email updates sent to show you how your credit is improving is probably the best part of the service. They have a lot of other features I enjoy and for anyone who needs the help with their credit repair, Ovation will have a smart option for you.

  2. John Cuzzo says:

    Alright so fixing your credit report isn’t at the top of anyone’s to-do list, but it is something that eventually has to be done. I decided to go with Ovation because I liked everything they offered in terms of features and updates. I am really glad I went with them because they are great about sending updates, which is helpful because you want to see what they’re doing to improve your situation. It took a little over a year for me to get my credit sorted out, but it was worth the time it took. Honestly, they do the majority of the work. All you do is pay for the service and watch your credit improve. They are experts and the company has been in business several years which is one of the reasons I went with Ovation. I am more careful about my spending and my financial information after all of the mistakes they pulled from my credit report. I really never want to be in that situation again. I appreciate Ovation’s guidance through the ordeal and I am happy it didn’t take anywhere near as long as I thought it might. If you are thinking about a credit repair service, you will not be disappointed with Ovation. I promise you that!

  3. Chris Sully says:

    I thought my credit issues would just fade away until I went to buy a car and wasn’t approved. It was embarrassing and I knew I had to fix my credit report in order to qualify for a house later down the line.

  4. Michael Cronin says:

    I wasn’t sure how to start the process of cleaning up my credit. It felt draining, but once I called Ovation I felt a lot more in control. Now my credit is being repaired and it’s taken time, but it’s worth the effort. I will happy with what I did.

  5. Tony Balli says:

    There’s nothing wrong with using credit, but it can get out of control, which is what happened with me. Before I knew it, I was in over my head and I wasn’t sure what to do. I called Ovation and they made me feel comfortable right away. I am so glad I stayed working with them to put my credit back on track.

  6. Erin Sullivan says:

    It isn’t easy finding a credit card repair company that is affordable and easy to work with. I’d worked with one in the past that was a pain, but Ovation made the process pretty easy. I’m happy I went with them!

  7. Christopher Jame says:

    After being an idiot in college I completely wrecked by credit report. Now that I want to buy a house I had to clean it up and ovation credit repair has been great about obtaining the right documents and staying within the law to clean up my credit report. I would definitely say it’s worth the money to have them get to work on your credit.

    • Jay Young says:

      My husband needed a lot of help with this credit report, but I didn’t know how to help him because I’d never been in this situation. I found Ovation credit repair after researching several companies online and we have been impressed every step of the way. The people at Ovation credit repair are total professionals and make the process pretty easy after they have everything they need on their end. I was really happy to see his credit rating climb after just a few months of working with Ovation credit repair. I think we will now be able to qualify for the house we want. We are currently homeowners, but even homeowners get into financial trouble at times. I wish we’d called Ovation credit repair sooner, honestly. Definitely worth the money, in case you’re wondering.

  8. Jack L. Tides says:

    If you were to ask me my experience with ovation, Id say call them up and try them yourself, you wont be sorry. ovation has really helped me out in a lot of ways. Now that my credit score is repaired, I can pull out loans and even buy my first house when I can afford it.

  9. Sammy Marie says:

    As everyone knows, having a good credit score is important — unfortunately I found out the hard way. Fortunately for me, though, ovation was available and ready to help me out. Now today, I have a great credit score!

  10. Shannon Kore says:

    Ovation was the reason why I bought my first house. Before Ovation, I had pretty bad credit. When I finally decided to turn to professional help, I was pleasantly surprised by just how much my credit score would improve. I highly recommend Ovation if you’re looking for good credit repair.

  11. Bob Carlson says:

    When I was in need of help with credit repair, I was recommended by a friend to turn to Ovation and I’m glad I did! They are actually worth the money you pay because they will actually help your credit score. To this day I recommend Ovation to anyone who asks.

  12. Leonardo Jarl says:

    Last year, I was dreading looking at my credit score. I knew it was bad, but when I finally got the courage to look at it, I was shocked, and realized that I had to do something about it. I read up about Ovation on the internet, and saw a lot of great reviews about them. So, taking my chances, I got in contact with Ovation. Luckily Ovation was there to really help me out. They were friendly, nice, and fast at helping to improve my credit. The next time I check my credit score I was shocked once again, except by how good it was instead of how bad it was.

  13. Amy Boren says:

    If you’re looking for a good credit repair company, then look to Ovation for help. There aren’t many credit repair companies out there that are as easy and affordable as Ovation. They are also very effective at improving credit fast.

  14. Josh Arison says:

    Ovation is one of the very few credit repair companies that I feel truly works. They will provide you with a lot of helpful information from helpful professionals who know what they’re doing. They also don’t charge an arm and a leg for their services which is always a plus, especially in this economy. If you’d ask me who to turn to to improve your credit, I’d tell you Ovation every time. No other place has been as understanding or as helpful as Ovation has been for me. Judging by how they helped me out a lot, I give Ovation a big two thumbs up!

  15. Sharon Stough says:

    Before Ovation, I had a really poor credit score. But when I turned to Ovation for help, it wasn’t long before I began to see results! In time, my credit score really improved! Plus, Ovation is super easy to work with and very affordable.

  16. Mike Romano says:

    There are many credit repair services online, but not all are created equal. Ovation is one credit repair service to try if you are currently having credit issues. They will help you finally repair your credit.

  17. Beth Carmicheal says:

    I had a very low credit score over the past couple of years. I didn’t know where to turn until I found Ovation. They not only helped me to find out my credit score, they helped me to get on track.

  18. Andrew Vasquez says:

    Make an appointment with Ovation right now! This credit repair company is awesome. I was totally skeptical at first. I did not even think it was possible to repair your credit. Plus I thought if there was a way to do it, it would take forever or cost a fortune. I was wrong. Ovation started on my case right away. And though it is not the fastest process because Ovation has to work with other companies, it was affordable. What I thought would break the bank and take years to accomplish was surprisingly affordable and quick.

  19. Brittany Ruiz says:

    I was fortunate enough to hear about Ovation through a coworker. I was skeptical that they could help improve my credit rating, but they certainly did. I am now seeing my credit rating rising.

  20. Andrew Page says:

    Call Ovation today to start repairing your credit score. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude for what Ovation has done for me. They worked with me to improve my credit rating and avoid bankruptcy.

  21. Dwayne Collins says:

    My brother in law told me that credit repair companies charged outrageous fees. But Ovation was affordable and really worked for my situation. My credit score is definitely going up.

  22. Orlando Dixon says:

    I had been thinking about credit repair for a while. I thought that it was not for me because I did not want people in my business. However, the shame and guilt I felt about my credit score disappeared the moment I started talking to a representative of Ovation. They are compassionate and know what they are doing. I did not feel embarrassed of my credit score. In fact I am proud of the fact that I decided to do something about it! If you need help repairing your credit contact an agent from Ovation. You’ll be glad you did.

  23. Edwin Tucker says:

    I am recommending the services of Ovation. I have already told all of my family and friends about what Ovation did for me and what they could potentially do for them. I needed help with my credit report. My credit score was a mess, and I noticed that there was tons of strikes on my report that were not accurate. Ovation was able to work with these companies to remove these inaccurate information from my credit report. After using Ovation services, I started to see an increase in my credit score almost immediately. It is such a satisfying feeling. When I obtained the services of Ovation, I felt that I was empowering myself for the first time. I felt that I was not going to let these big corporations ruin my credit score and let their negative information affect my credit. Ovation was so helpful, informative, and knowledgeable that I always felt comfortable with their services. They kept me in the loop about everything and I was included in every step of the way. I dare you to find a better credit repair company out there! When you are ready to take control of your credit give Ovation a call!

  24. Forrest Higgins says:

    I have had bad experiences with credit repair companies that take your money and run. However, Ovation came through with the promise of raising my credit score and I couldn’t be happier.

  25. Jo Shaw says:

    I few years ago, my identity was stolen. This is a very serious and life-altering event. I had creditors coming after me left and right. I was scared that I would never escape it. I had heard that credit repair companies help victims of identity theft clear their credit report, so I decided to call Ovation. I was happy about my phone call. They started working with my situation right away and I was assured that my credit was going to be fixed. I am happy that I am seeing such positive results. Very satisfied customer!

  26. Jerald James says:

    One of the worst days of my life was when I found the house of my dreams and could not get approved for a loan because of my credit score. I had been making the minimum payments on many of my credit accounts, but I had also missed a few as well. Little did I know that these little “oops” were affecting my credit score immensely. I found out a bit too late that my credit was lacking. I knew I needed help with this problem, and I called Ovation. It was a good decision. They took a look at my bills, expenses, and collectors and we figured out a plan that would help me pay off creditors and improve my credit score. With this plan in hand, I was able to start satisfying the collection agencies and paying off accounts that I no longer needed. Each time I paid off an account, it was a great feeling. Ovation was very helpful in helping me repair my credit score. I am so happy I made that first call and you should too. The longer you wait, the worse your credit score is getting! I am finally approved for my loan for a house and it feels great.

  27. Sondra Coax says:

    I had credit debt for years and I am now entering a phase where I want to buy a home. With poor credit that isn’t happening and Ovation is helping me clean up my act. I am thankful they help me better understand my situation too.

  28. Aisha Monroe says:

    Using Ovation Credit I have become far more aware of my finances and learned how to manage my money in the process. Ovation extends this to customers versus just helping them settle their debt. This has great reviews for a reason.

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